Genius Star Program for Kids

Sustainable Lifestyle education is realistic and practcal Life education that helps children with better understanding of the world in which they live, address the complexity & interconnectedness of today’s challenges. This life education has to begin at early childhood for the holistic development of the child as a Genius and as achiever.

Green Minds Genius Star Program guides the child to understand & be aware of the Nature’s Infinitude of Body, Mind & Self. We provide a one-stop solution to the need of life education complementing and supplementing the current academic learning in schools.

Genius Star Program (GSP) is an active self-exploration & self-discovery process leading to Greening the Minds of learners.

  • Guides in making the right decision in all situations
  • Gains Self-worth & Self-confidence
  • Helps manage thoughts, feelings, attitudes & behaviors
  • Rejuvenates Mind, Body & Self
  • Improves proficiency in handling Relationships, Roles, Responsibilities & Resources
  • Identifies & empowers Genius traits
  • Nurtures the inner core abilities
  • Manifests desire magically
  • Brings oneness with nature