Corporate Sustainable Development Advisory

Corporate Social Responsibility - Green Link for Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Development

India’s quest for equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth can be positively handled only with a robust and thriving development sector. India’s development sector has evolved substantially over the last few decades and is now witnessing unprecedented interest and investments across the value chain.

The Companies Act, 2013 is the reform measure undertaken by the government with a wide interest across the public and private sector, Indian and multinational companies, which is the mandate for corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Act presents a favorable circumstance to stand up to the challenge of building a society, which provides equal access to opportunities and negates disparities as a collective responsibility.

Responsible Corporate Citizenship is to become accountable and sustainable through good CSR practices. We provide knowledge support in bridging the gap between profit and purpose. We help in building the reputation through responsible corporate citizenship. We design corporate voluntary programs to enhance inclusivity. We research and guide in the convergence of CSR and sustainability by synchronizing CSR with core business strategies. We audit the need and impact of robust CSR programmes and good CSR practices. We plan and execute collaborative CSR initiatives for SMEs.

Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Development:

The Five Capital approach for Triple Bottom Line sustainable development is very important for any organization. A sustainable organization maintains and wherever possible enhances these stocks of capital assets, rather than deplete or degrade them. The model allows business to broaden its understanding of financial sustainability considering the impact of environmental and social issues on long-term profitability.

Organizations rely on social relationships and interactions to achieve their objectives both internally and externally. They depend on healthy, motivated and skilled workforce. Intellectual capital and knowledge management are the intangible creators of wealth. It is a call for action to invest in Social and Human Capital the prime requirement of Triple bottom line Sustainable Development.

Social capital the vital connect to Sustainable Development of Business:

Social Capital is indispensible to sustainable development of business. Social Capital creates a healthy community and a healthy community is good for business. The virtuous circle that exists between the level of Social Capital and the implementation of CSR practices foster socio-economic development by generating social inclusion and social networks based on trust and trustworthiness. It is high-priority for Organizations to make critical business decisions that contribute to a better world.

Wholesome Community = Wholesome Human Capital = Wholesome Business Growth

Employee Engagement - CSR:

Employees are the brand ambassadors of any company and there are good reasons for companies to more fully engage their employees. Involving employees in the CSR activities will bridge the employee engagement gaps found currently in many companies.

Companies CSR programs should aim to educate, inspire and engage employees and should be based on the development approach. The Company should focus more on fully activating and developing its employees and the firm to produce greater value for business and society.

Every employee wants to work for good and socially committed companies and their involvement will make them more loyal. Small actions of engaged employees can create a big difference both to the company and the society. The level of employee involvement and ownership is critical to the success of corporate sustainability and CSR efforts. Employees bridge the gap between the company’s CSR goals and the realization of those goals. Volunteering with co-workers for CSR activities is a effective method of team-building, it brings out their strengths and other sides which can never be seen during the day-to-day work.

Green Minds CSR Advisory:

We are an advisory that enhances value for companies through intelligent engagement of Socio Cultural domain with the other two domains of Economy and Environment of the Triple bottom line sustainable development. We involve in CSR strategy and management, and develop strategic partnerships within social and cultural enterprises. And we generate meaningful, sustainable and profitable change in the process.

Green Minds assists in providing the dynamic platform by integrating doing good, growing businesses and communicating good intentions.

Goodness Magnet

Philanthropic donations and supporting causes are not just doing good. For businesses to really impact society and create change, they have to transform into Goodness Magnets and their ‘good intention’ must be woven into the entire business - in its dealings with workers, suppliers, and customers, and its responsibility to the community, society and environment.

Progress Magnet

Green Minds assist businesses to identify sustainable commitments across each of these areas and to find relevant partners who can execute projects and initiatives on the ground. We work towards strengthening the Human capital and Social Capital and transforming the ‘good intentions’ into measurable, profit-generating mechanisms that grow businesses as they transform them.

Communicating good Intentions

Developing initiatives and creating stunning communications are the two sides of the coin. Stunning communications have the capacity to bring to limelight the businesses that are emerging into Goodness Magnet. This enables consumers, clients and buyers to make enlightened choices, and creates a base level of corporate responsibility that encourages other companies to follow suit. Converting Good Intentions into Goodness Magnets in the Business area is the only solution to Save the Earth in the 21st century.

Green Minds offers sure simple solutions to perfect in progress by being the advisory handling edge to edge CSR activity. We design CSR and employee engagement based on a wholesome gradually progressive map and our structured approach will deliver clear, tangible and meaningful impact. We at Green Minds are committed to work for the society’s betterment and sustainable development. We will be a partner in CSR activities by effectively handling the below activities along with the focus on employee engagement in CSR.

CSR Goal
  • Assessing corporate purpose in a societal context.
  • Establishing a working definition and vision for CSR.
  • Developing an integrated CSR strategic plan.
  • Business issues to be addressed part of CSR.
  • Assessing current CSR status
  • Implementing the CSR integrated strategic plan
  • Budget allocation for CSR
  • Selection of projects – NGOs wherever required.
  • Raising CSR awareness inside the organization.
  • Educating to enable employees to be co-creators of CSR goals.
  • Goodness training for employees.
  • Develop formalized employee ‘Volunteering Program’
Metric Measurement
  • Tracking of KPIs / scorecard & impact measurement.
  • Checking on budgets spent.
  • Maintaining internal and external communication.
  • Evaluating CSR integrated strategies and communication
  • Institutionalizing CSR policy.
  • CSR report preparation, documentation in print & video, communication to all stakeholders.

We can add to these deliverables with the creation of communications such as website content, internal communications, stakeholders communications, films, case studies, reports and others. We have a strong background in creating innovative, exciting and well designed content across multiple channels and we engage a range of creative partners in this process.


  • Need Audit
  • Quality of Life of workplace & community
  • Reputation Building


  • Accountable, Responsible, Sustainable - Corporate Citizenship
  • Increase Social value and impact of a task.
  • Inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness


  • Community Livihood enhancement & incorporation into supply chain.
  • Product lifecycle sustainability
  • Attracting & retaining employees


  • Identify opportunities
  • Employee engagement and wellbeing


  • Continous monitoring of progress
  • KPI tracking & Impact measurement

Reporting & Communication

  • CSR Sustainability Reporting as per required platfoms
  • Documentation & Media integration